Fazlur Rahman Babu in film about ice-cream seller

Kingkor Ahsan is a popular young story writer of recent times. This time a short film titled 'Kader Ice-cream' has been made based on a story book of Kingkor Ahsan titled 'Kissapuran'. The leading character of the short film is Fazlur Rahman Babu. Side casts are Moutushi Biswas, child artiste Shariful Islam, AK Azad Shetu and others. The director of the film is Muntasir Akib.
Muntasir Akib, recently released a trailer of the short film on YouTube. He said, "I have been willing to work on Kingkor Ahsan's story for a long time. Finally my wish is fulfilled now. I am very grateful to the writer for providing such a great story to me."
Under the banner of RK Media, FM Rahmatullah Noyon produced the short film. Duration of the short film is 15 minutes.
The short film depicts the lifestyle of an ice-cream van driver of a village. Kingkor praised the work for visualizing the whole story in camera. In 2018, by making a short film titled 'Premik 1982', based on a true event, director Akib got a huge response from the audiences.