Bestselling authors Imran, Kingkor talk about strength, future of literature in Chattogram

Two bestselling novelists – Abdullah Al Imran and Kingkor Ahsan – emphasised on going back to books, and developing reading habits, particularly among young people to fight challenges like terrorism, militancy, drugs, and various misuses of social media. 

They took part in a conversation organised in Shilpakala Academy in Chattoram on Saturday. Anwesha, Shikha and Gyankosh, three top publication firms hosted the meet with the writers, titled 'Galpa Namey Chattograme'.

Imran observed a generation is growing abnormally in a time devoid of art and literature practice. 

He said the young generation is getting involved in various crimes including terrorism, communalism, and drug abuse. They don't know about our history, tradition and liberation war. 

"To guide those young people to the path of light who have lost their way, reading habit has to be developed among them," said Imran.

Kingkor said, ''I dream one day the world would be taken over by books. The words in the books would stand against all injustice.'' 

He said there is nothing stronger than the pen of a writer. 

The young generation has to be drawn to books with the force of the pen, he said. 

He also emphasised on organising more programmes like the one he was speaking at to facilitate more interaction among readers and writers. 

Poet Omar Kaisar and Rasel Raihan, Little mag editor Hasnat Sourav, writer Md Sirajul Islam, also spoke at the event, conducted by young writer Nahid Ahsan.

In the program the writers responded to curiosities of the readers, who asked about different questions, regarding issues like future of the printed books, techniques of writing, the crux of popularity and quality of literature.

Talking about techniques Imran talked about how he picked up real life characters and stories to put into his fictions.